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  • is created to represent IRIS IVF Centre on the internet/virtual world as a web presence. IRIS IVF Centre specializes in treating IVF-related problems.
  • This website is created to officially represent IRIS IVF.
  • The aim of this Website is to give patients access to information about treatments, Diseases treated, Experts & Doctors associated with IRIS IVF, as well as contact and address details.
  • This website was designed to provide educational content on IVF also including other services such as IUI, ICSI, Female Infertility, Male Infertility and many more, through videos, QAs, blogs, treatments, and before and after images for a clear understanding of the patients.

Content Creation

IRIS IVF develops all of the content and presentation featured on its website. This content comes in the form of images, videos, and text. Prior to publishing the content on the website, it is reviewed and approved by IRIS IVF’s doctors and experts.

Accuracy of Content

Though IRIS IVF tries to accomplish the accuracy of producing content, sometimes & in some situations, the ingredients of the content published may not be 100% correct & do not guarantee the same. Before making any decisions based on the information provided on this website, please consult your doctor to get their opinion.

Copyright & Ownership

All the content created & published on the website in any form (text, video, images, website design, or More) is owned & belongs to IRIS IVF Centre. It cannot be reproduced under any circumstances or situation prior to the written permission of IRIS IVF. If the rules are not followed, those who break them may face severe legal consequences

User Generated Data

This website could contain user-generated content such as comments, viewpoints, advice, conversations, queries, and more. This data represents the users only & liable to them. IRIS IVF Centre does not guarantee, the liability & accuracy of this data as it is user generated. It is highly advisable to consult your doctor before taking any action based on the information.

Feedback & Contact

In case any Query about the content or wants to suggest any improvement, please reach us at or contact us on +91-9372 179 410 or meet us at the Saraogi Hospital and IRIS IVF Centre, Khetan Apartments, SV Road, Opposite MTNL, Malad (W), Mumbai 400064.


Website & IRIS IVF Centre does not accept any advertisement.


The IRIS IVF Centre is committed to making its website available to all possible audiences. If the patient is under 18 years of age and accessing this website, it is highly recommended that they seek medical advice from their parents.


This website is designed, owned & maintained by “IRIS IVF Centre

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