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Surrogacy in India has been a thriving source for medical tourism until quiet recently. In fact a number of surrogacy centres in Mumbai were famous worldwide for their surrogacy services and infrastructure.

The recent introduction of the surrogacy bill has significantly reduced the number of cases of surrogacy in Mumbai being carried out.

However being one of the centres that follows the ethical surrogacy guidelines – here is what you should know about surrogacy in Mumbai.

Presently surrogacy can be carried out on Indian married couples who have a valid marriage certificate and a valid citizenship of India. The couple must have a proven cause of infertility for which surrogacy is warranted.

If these guidelines are met, a suitable surrogate can be chosen for the couple. A family member or friend of the couple can opt to be a surrogate for them and this is legally permitted. Once a suitable surrogate has been selected for the couple, they are made to meet the surrogate and if they are happy they can opt to proceed with the treatment.

Oone of the prelimnary procedures involves the making of an agreement by a licensed lawyer between the centre, the commissioning couple and the surrogate and her husband.

Once the paperwork has been completed, the IVF/ ICSI procedure is carried out on the commissioning couple using either self or donor eggs. Simultaneously the endometrial lining of the surrogate is built up with the help of hormonal tablets and is monitored serially with the help of TVS sonography.

When the lining is ready, the embryos are transferred into the womb of the surrogate. When we get a positive pregnancy, the surrogate is shifted to a surrogate house preferably, where there activities are supervised.

The surrogate comes to the centre periodically for her antenatal check ups, and at term is deliverd either vaginally or with the help of a caesarean section.

Immediately post delivery, the baby is handed over to the commissioning parents, nd the necessary paperwork is completed with the government authorities.

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