Donor Egg IVF

Donor egg IVF / ICSI is a popular type of IVF treatment in Mumbai. A number of IVF centres in Mumbai use different protocols for using donor eggs. Some centres have eggs that they have already frozen and kept from before, which are allotted to patients as and when they come for treatment.

Our panel of IVF doctors in Mumbai, prefer using fresh eggs even in cases of donor egg cycles, due to the superior results.

In the case of test-tube babies with donor eggs, a suitable donor is selected for the commissioning couple. The donor is screened for all infectious diseases such as HIV, HBsAg, HCV, and VDRL. Donors usually due to their young age have a good ovarian reserve.

Tablets are given both to the donor and the recipient to synchronize their menstrual cycles. Once that is done and they both get their periods together, injections for ovulation induction are administered to the donor and tablets for building the endometrial lining are administered to the recipient. Both undergo serial sonographies to see how the follicle and the endometrium are developing.

Once the ovum pick up is done on the donor, the donor eggs are fertilized using the recipients husbands sperms by ICSI or IVF. The embryos that develop are then transferred into the uterus of the uterus. In more than 70% cases, you should get a positive pregnancy outcome 12 days later when a beta HCG blood test is done.

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