Dr. Mohit Saraogi

(M.D., D.N.B., D.G.O., F.C.P.S., M.N.A.M.S, I.C.O.G )
Director IRIS IVF Centre at Saraogi Hospital
(Alumnus of KEM Hospital – Mumbai Former Assistant Professor J.J. Hospital)
40+ Years of Experience | 4.8 Rated on Google Reviews


“My experience with Dr. Saraogi and all of the staff there was excellent.I saw him for all my prenatal appointments, had him for the cesarean delivery, and saw him for all my postnatal appointments. I would recommend him to everyone . He was always happy to listen to all my questions and concerns, he was never rushed, he has guided me and helped me in both my pregnancies to get through it safely with utmost care.

He as well as the staff at Saraogi nursing Home , made my experience nothing short of absolutely wonderful. Looking back, it was a great and memorable experience, and I thank Dr. Saraogi for being there when we welcomed our daughter n son into the world! He’s the most knowledgeable gynacologist I’ve known in the city n would trust him with eyes closed”

Manisha Agarwal

“I am honoured to give some words about Saraogi, his practice and his hospital. I have been associated with him for the past 14 years. I have seen him particularly for my conception, my hormones and the so called today’s famous syndrome PCOD.Through it all, to be honest I have not been the easiest patient.

I have been impulsive, argumentative, frightful and ask way too many questions. But he always has been superbly patient and loving. He has treated me with at most respect, compassion and care. He answers all my questions with great detail and attentiveness. He truly is a superb physician and gynecologist more so a very good human being. Also his staff has been wonderful at his hospital. They are very friendly and helpful. The hospital very clean and hygienic. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for giving me my reason to live, my 8 year old son”

Pooja Nathwani

“Mee Jagruti Banda raigadla rahte, aamchya lagnala 16 varsh zhaala hota tari aamhala baby nahi rahila. aamcha ivf treatment karoon Dr. Mohit sirni aamhala pregnancy dile mehnoon aamhi khoop khoop khush aani ticha aabhari aahet.”

Mrs. Jagruti Banda

“He is very understanding. He has a lot of patience. Very confident . experienced and knows his work very well. I will definitely recommend him to anyone.”

Mr. S Dmello

“Main Taruna Patil. Meri pehli pregnany 2006 mein hui thi. uske baad humne bahut koshish ki, lekin pregnant nahi ho sake. Phir hamare friend circle mein kisine saraogi hospital aur Dr. Mohit saraogi ke baare mein bataya. Yahaan par aake hume Mohit Sirne sahi maargdarshan diya. Unhone IVF ki salaah di. IVF treatment mein Thoda kharch zaroor hota hain lekin usme result bhi aate hain. Humara pehle IVF attempt mein result aa gaya. IVF safal hone ke baad hume bahut accha laga. Aaj mujhe 4 mahine poore ho gaye hain aur koi takleef nahi hain.”

Mrs Taruna Patil

“The Hospital service at Saraogi Hospital and IRIS IVF centre is very nice. The doctors are very competent and approach treatment very systematically.

In my case I had not concieved for 2 years and had been advised IVF by other doctors. At last I came here and was treated by Dr. Mohit Saraogi. I concieved in my very first IUI. I am very grateful for the same and for me this hospital is one of the best”

Mrs. Ashwini Pai

“Saraogi hospital and IRIS IVF centre is really very good. The treatment given here is far far better and the results obtained are very fast.

I am really very happy as i got positive pregnancy results within a very short span of time under the treatment of dr. Mohit Saraogi. I would highly recommend this hospital”

Mrs. Jyoti. C.

“Our journey with Saraogi Maternity home started 10 years back and has been our only stop for all the women of our family since then. The knowledge of Dr. Saraogi to every detail in the area of woman health care is supreme and beyond any compare.

The trust deepens with every admission. The professional advice, care and warmth provided by each and every member is outstanding. Our faith in Dr. Saraogi is unmatched and none in our family think twice on their advice.

May God give all the happiness and success to Dr. Saraogi, the way they spread happiness and hope everywhere around them. They are always there – as a doctor, a mentor & a dearest friend. Our faith is humanity is restored with their dedication their field.”

Kusum Kabra

“I am very much thankful to my dearest doctor Mohit saraogi mai saat sal se pareyshaan thi Khyuki bahut saalosey ilaaj liken koi haal nahi nekla achanak ek din ek reference k Tahat humme Mohit sir ka sath mila sir bah hi achey our responsible hai like our Family member huneyni hamey guidance deya aur ajj hum bahut khis hai Saari kami puri ho gayi now I’m pregnant for two months.”

Anita & Dinesh yadav

“Dr. Mohit was very supporting full staff at saraogi hospital has been very co operative. they treated us like family. thanks all staff members and doctors at saraogi hospital.”

Mrs. Anita K

“Treatment at IRIS IVF centre is an enriching experience. I was blessed with twins in my very first month of treatment here. The knowledge of the doctors and the training of the staff is excellent. I would recommend this centre to everyone for their fertility treatment”

Mrs. Sapna Shukla

“Thank you Dr. Mohit and Dr. Roopa for your kindness and attention throughout our treatment. We appreciate your gentle manner and recommendations. Your patients are lucky to have you.”

Mr. Pawan and Mrs Pooja Kharat

“I would like to thank Dr, Mohit Saraogi. He has been so supportive and helpful. Under his guidance my wife will be able to deliver twins.My was unable to concieve since long since my sperm count was low. But under our doctors guidance and treatment, now my wife is pregnant with twins. I recommend Dr. Mohit Saraogi to everyone who are facing problems concieving or have low sperm count or any such problems. He is the best. Thank you once again for your support.”

Mr. Santosh Gurkhe

“Bahut Achha hospital hain IVF ke liye. accha treatment, accha vatavaran aur sahi swabhav hain logon ka yahaan pe. Poora staff systematic hain. Mohit sir amazing hain aur unke liye main jo bhi kahoon woh kam hain. hamare jeevan mein khushiyon ka khazaana dene waale yahi sir hain aur hum inke hamesha aabhari rahenge”

Mrs. Anuradha & Rajesh Goswami

“My family has very long association with Saraogi Hospital. My mother referred me to Saraogi Hospital. Her conceiving complications during my brother’s birth were treated successfully with utmost care by them.

When I met Dr Mohit, I asked him many queries and doubts regarding conception. The way he answered all my doubts with confidence,politeness and patience is amazing.

He is very confident and knows his work very well.Hospital staff is also very friendly and helpful.

My wife is 3 months pregnant now and we are blessed to have Dr Mohit for guidance.I recommended him to my friends and relatives.

I would like to wish Dr Mohit and team all the very best in future endeavors and keep doing the noble work of giving couples best happiness of life.

Thank you so much for your support and guidance.”

Mr. Ankit Jain and Mrs. Preeti Jain

“Dear Dr. Roopa, We would like to thank you and the staff at Saraogi Hospital for doing a wonderful job with the delivery of our baby boy, AIDEN. Yes, that’s his name. I know this testimonial is coming in a bit late, but then Aiden has kept us busy the last 43 days. “Right from our first pre-natal appointment with Dr RM Saraogi and subsequent appointments with Dr Roopa Prasad, we knew that we and our baby were in safe hands. As first time parents, we were anxious and scared. However, thanks to Dr Saraogi and Dr Roopa all our fears were laid to rest. Their patient explanation about the changes that my wife’s body would go through and what to expect helped us prepare to welcome our little bundle of joy! On the D day, when we came to the hospital, my wife under the constant encouragement of Dr Roopa, was all set for a normal delivery. And being in the OT through her time in labour and the delivery was a wonderful experience for me, with a new found respect to the strength and fortitude of women and with what they have to go through to bring new life into this world. I must appreciate the efforts of Dr Roopa and her staff in the OT in the wee hours of morning, helping my wife with the safe delivery of a healthy baby! And after this experience, we have been wholeheartedly recommending Saraogi Hospital to our family and friends!” I am also planning to pen down the events leading to the birth of our child, in the form of a story with a climax, so that our kid gets an idea what it was like the day he was born. Will share that with you in the coming days! Once again a big thank you to the staff, especially the nurses (unfortunately i have forgotten their names, just remember Ankita/Priya- and even the girl at the reception ) they were very caring and friendly and we appreciate their hardwork! Also all the very best to you too and we await the good news from your end too! Thanks and God Bless!!! )”

Anthia & Savio

” Dear Dr. Mohit Saraogi and Dr. Roopa Prasad, We are forever grateful for your role in helping us achieve our dream of a pregnancy. Thank you for making our dreams come true.”

Mrs. Malti and Mr. Jignesh Jagad

“Dr. Mohit Saraogi is very very good and we are very grateful to him. we started ivf treatment here and got excellent results. thankfully i am now 12 weeks pregnant.”

Mr. Pritam Jain and Mrs. Pinky Jain

“We have been married since the last 15 years without any children. From poojas to babas to doctors we had tried it all and given up treatment about 4 years ago. However in last 5 months 2 of our family members became pregnant under the care of Dr. mohit Saraogi in their very first ivf attempt. On their insistence we came down from our village to see him but with little expectations. Our first consultation lasted about 45 minutes. By the time our session was over we realized that our problem was something else and the issues we had been addressing were something else. After one month, we started our ICSI treatment. The entire cycle progression went on smoothly. By god’s grace we are the third couple in our family to have conceived with Dr. Mohit Saraogi in our very first attempt. We are forever grateful to him for that. What is amazing is that we did not have to mortgage anything to undergo treatment from him. On speaking to several other patients in the waiting area we realized that the cost of ICSI treatment in other centers is atleast 50 to 100% more than here. We are forever indebted to him and will highly recommend him for your infertility treatment.”

Mrs. Vanita Jadia

“After 16 years of marriage and being unable to conceive we had lost our faith in God. We had seen countless doctors and from the last 3 years had stopped all treatment. Then one of our relatives recommended us to Dr. Mohit Saraogi. His words and counseling gave us some of hope. He told us that he would try with IUI first. As luck would have it we conceived in our very first month and are now 2 months pregnant. All our prayers have been answered. We are thankful to GOD and Dr. Mohit Saraogi for all that he has done for us. We couldn’t have asked for more.”

Mrs. leela yadav

“After 16 years of marriage and being unable to conceive we had lost our faith in God. We had seen countless doctors and from the last 3 years had stopped all treatment. Then one of our relatives recommended us to Dr. Mohit Saraogi. His words and counseling gave us some of hope. He told us that he would try with IUI first. As luck would have it we conceived in our very first month and are now 2 months pregnant. All our prayers have been answered. We are thankful to GOD and Dr. Mohit Saraogi for all that he has done for us. We couldn’t have asked for more.”

Mrs. leela yadav

“Hello friends. This is shankar. S .kadam with my wife swati kadam from mumbai. We are amongst the couples who got married in our mid thirties. Like all couples we also wanted to have a baby at the early stage of our marriage. But after almost 8 years of married life and after consulting many gynaecs we were still unable to have our own child. A year ago a friend recommended us to Dr. Mohit Saraogi. Due to our past experiences, to be very honest we were not sure whether he will be able to bring happiness back to our life or not. To our delight and surprise Dr. Mohit Saraogi’s treatment helped us concieve in the first couple of months of treatment itself and our dreams to be parents once again flourished. We are expecting our baby soon and are very much happy with the results from Dr. Mohit saraogi. We express our sincere gratitude to him for his great work in bringing joy back to our life.”

Mr. Shankar Kadam and Mrs. Swati Kadam

“Firstly we feel very lucky to have met Dr. Mohit Saraogi who made our dream come true after a long strive. Dr. Mohit and his team is very experienced and confident in his approach towards getting the best out of every solution. We definitely recommend this doctor to anyone”

Mrs Leena N

“Dr. Mohit Saraogi sir is very very good and the entire staff at saraogi hospital and iris ivf centre is very helpful. We underwent ivf treatment with dr. Mohit saraogi in january 2017 and we became pregnant in our first attempt. We are now 5 months pregnant and are soon expecting our bundle of joy. We are forever grateful to him. Thank you sir.”

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