Egg Freezing in Mumbai

Vitrification is the medical term used for the process of egg or embryo freezing in Mumbai.

Social egg freezing is usually carried out by elderly single ladies who haven’t yet found the Mr. Right and would like to preserve their fertility for when the time is right.

In this process, the woman is administered hormonal injections from the second day of the period for a duration of about 11 or 12 days to target a multi follicular development.

Then around the 13th or 14th day of the period, under anesthesia, a procedure of egg retrieval is done with the help of transvaginal sonography.
These eggs are treated with a cryoprotectant solution and then frozen at minus 196 degrees Celcius. The eggs can be preserved indefinitely by this procedure.
When the time is right, these eggs can be thawed and fertilized with the correct partners sperms using ICSI, and they will retain the same fertility potential as the day they were frozen.

What Is The Cost Of Egg Freezing In Mumbai in 2023?

Egg Freezing is quite an affordable treatment for fertility in India. Its cost ranges from Rs. 1,50,000 to Rs. 1,70,000 which includes the cost of IVF protocol, like medicines and injections given for ovarian stimulation, and the charges for the procedure of egg retrieval and subsequent freezing.

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