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ICSI or Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection

ICSI Treatment

Miracles are just not born, they have to be created. At IRIS IVF centre, we believe that every couple should get the bliss of bearing child. The ICSI treatment has remained out to be the sought and popular treatment. We have team of fertility doctor , embryologists and counselors and give best of results when it comes to process of test tube babies. The ICSI treatments are different thus the processes are done by giving hormonal injections, resulting to stimulation of ovaries for at least 11-12 days. In order to give that proper care daily or alternate day sonography for the patient is also recommended by our doctors.

We simultaneously try and stimulate as many follicles as is possible for the woman, and based on her age and AMH this can range from1 or 2 to 25 follicles as well.

Around the 14th day of the period, the woman is admitted in the hospital for about 6 hours for ovum pick up or egg retrieval procedure. The procedure is safe and does not involve any stitches being administered. Once the eggs have been retrieved from the ovaries, the husband’s semen sample is collected in a container and is washed and processed.

After sperm washing all the sperms are magnified under an inverted microscope at 400X magnification and the best sperms are selected and segregated.

Unlike IVF where one egg is placed in the middle of 50000 sperms, in ICSI a single best sperm is selected for each egg. Then with the help of an instrument called the micromanipulator, the selected sperm is injected directly into the egg.

The resultant embryos that develop can be cultured to day 3 stage or to blastocyst stage (day 5) before being transferred back into the uterus.

A successful implantation can be confirmed with the help of a blood test 12 days after the embryo transfer procedure. ICSI treatment cost in Mumbai is very feasible and complete consultation is provided at every moment.

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