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    We believe in understanding the importance of a happy family and the role of a child in ensuring that is one of the most significant traits that decide whether an IVF center can be deemed the best IVF centre in Andheri, Mumbai or any other place. At IRIS IVF the sole objective is to deliver the sheer happiness that a child brings on and that’s what makes us one of the best IVF centers out there is. From being backed by an extensive experience of 40+ years, offering state-of-the-art-program, a team of gold medalist doctors who have time and again proven themselves to offer world-class IVF treatment at affordable IVF cost in Andheri, Mumbai makes IRIS IVF, a center couples can trust & rely on.

    IVF Cost in Andheri, Mumbai

    The cost of IVF depends upon a number of factors and differs for every couple. These factors are a blend of various medical tests that a couple undergoes to assess their current health condition, the experience, and expertise of your IVF doctor, and the location of your IVF center. Like the IVF cost in Andheri, Mumbai at IRIS IVF starts onwards Rs.80,000/-*, this particular amount may differ depending upon the number of medical assessments, the number of cycles that one may have to undergo to achieve successful results, and other factors that your IVF doctor will introduce you to as the treatment begins depending upon your health condition.

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    IVF Doctors in Andheri

    IVF Doctor in Malad
    Dr. Sonam Katarina
    Obstetrician and Gynecologist at IRIS IVF Centre
    IVF Doctor in Malad
    Dr. Shrutika Mehta
    Obstetrician and Gynecologist at IRIS IVF Centre


    Is there any affordable IVF clinic in Andheri?

    Andheri is quite famous for its healthcare facilities in Mumbai city. One of the important reasons behind this popularity is the low-cost and high success rates of treatments. IVF treatment in Andheri, Mumbai at IRIS IVF is popular because of its affordable rates and the best-certified team of doctors. If you are looking for the best IVF clinic in Andheri, Mumbai; consult IRIS IVF centre to get fertility treatments at low prices.

    What is the cost of 1 cycle of IVF in Andheri?

    The average cost for one in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle in Andheri, Mumbai is between Rs. 80,000 – Rs. 1,80,000. The cost may differ based on various factors like the current health condition of the patient, the experience and expertise of your IVF doctor, the location of your IVF center and more.

    Is there any hidden cost included in IVF treatment cost?

    At IRIS IVF in Andheri, Mumbai, there’s no hidden fee for IVF treatment. We comply with standard pricing policy and the price depends on the number of IVF cycles required for your treatment. Though it is always advisable to consult your IVF doctor to know the final cost.

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