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IUI or Intra Uterine Insemination

This is a therapeutic procedure in which the husbands semen sample is washed in the laboratory in a centrifugation machine.

The washing procedure helps remove the seminal fluid as well as dead and abnormal sperms along with any impurities.

All the good quality sperms in the semen sample are then concentrated into a small volume 0.4 ml. This washed sample is then loaded into an IUI cannula which is then introduced aseptically into the uterus under real time sonographic visualization. The final sample is then injected near the fundus of the uterus from where it can go onto naturally fertilize the egg.

The success rate of IUI in Mumbai is around 18 to 22 % in a good semen sample. Good IUI centres in Mumbai usually have their in house andrology lab and prefer to do sonography guided IUI’s.

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