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IUI or Intra Uterine Insemination

IUI Treatment

In various different cases of Infertility, our expert doctors may suggest you to go for IUI treatment.

The Intrauterine Insemination is suggested when all chances of natural conception are failed.

These processes are simpler and faster way to achieve the milestone step of pregnancy.

In what conditions the best IUI treatment is suggested :-

  1. Unknown infertility causes.
  2. If there are no sperms in the serum then donor sperms are used in men.
  3. Woman facing the conditions of PCOS or Endometriosis.

Procedure :-

Step method executions are done in the process of IUI treatments. At first place, the husband’s semen sample is taken in laboratory and then washed through a centrifugation machine. This process allows terminate all the dead and abnormal sperms along with impurities. The small volume of good quality sperms measuring a volume 0.4ml is taken into consideration and loaded in IUI Cannula and introduced in Uterus under strict supervision and real time sonographic visualization. In fundus of the uterus the final sample is injected where it can go naturally. Our infertility specialist may advise you to go for 3-6 cycles after thoroughly checking of your health condition.

Why choose IRIS ivf center for IUI treatment

We understand that joy is different when it comes to successfully attaining pregnancy therefore each method is carefully executed and done. When you visit us for the first time you need not to worry on IUI cost in Mumbai because we come with experience of 38 years and believe in complete contentment.

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