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IRIS IVF Centre is one of the leading Infertility and IVF centre in Mumbai having done pioneering research work to understand the deeper aspects of infertility & we have come up with several breakthrough innovations to help thousands of infertile couples conceive. Established in 1980, the IRIS IVF center is a landmark as one of the best infertility & IVF hospital in Mumbai & our journey of 40 years has many successful stories to share along.
Our infertility & IVF centre in Mumbai is a ray of hope for couples looking to expand into a family but facing difficulties in conceiving naturally. If you are one of those couples who have been looking for the perfect solution to add the beautiful touch of the family into your lives, India’s top-rated IVF centre- Saraogi Hospital & Iris IVF is for you!
One meeting with us can fully change your idea of infertility. Consult the best infertility & IVF centre in Mumbai for infertility care to make your parenting dream come true.

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What IRIS IVF Offers as an Infertility and IVF Centre in Mumbai?

With an ever-increasing number of infertility cases in both men and women, IVF treatment is no longer a secret, it is now widely known and accepted. For a treatment like IVF that is in itself an advancement in the healthcare industry, it takes an expert’s assistance to deliver desirable results in complete safety and IRIS IVF Centre is that expert for you.

As an Infertility and IVF centre in Mumbai that comes with a wide experience & expertise of over decades, it is easy to say that we implement the latest medical techniques and know what works best for our patients in achieving the most favorable outcomes. Our range of services are IVF, IUI, ICSI, IMSI, FET, Donor Eggs & Donor Sperm, all of which are used to bring out the best results for our patients depending upon whatever their condition requires.

Fertility treatments are expensive and when couples choose IVF it also comes down to the trust and hopes they’ve chosen us with. For us keeping that trust & hope intact for the patients is of the highest priority in any circumstance, from the first day of the treatment we ensure every step is transparent & well-informed, one of our other strong pursuits is that we focus on offering treatment that is affordable yet does not compromise on quality in any way. 

What Makes Us The Best Infertility and IVF Centre in Mumbai?

40+ Year of experience
38+ Years Experience of Best IVF Centre in Mumbai
EMI Facility at 0% Interest
Affordable & Transparent Pricing at Best IVF Hospital in Mumbai

Over 2,000+ cases handled in 2021
600+ IVF Pregnancies In 2019-2020 at IVF Hospital in Mumbai
Top-rated IVF Centre in Mumbai
Excellent Success Rate in IVF Centre in Mumbai
Awarded best IVF centre in India 2017
Won Times of India Health Icon Award for IVF in 2019
Awarded Health Icon of the Year 2019 by Hindustan Times
ISO Certified

Why Choose IRIS IVF Centre as your Infertility and IVF Hospital in Mumbai?

At Saraogi Hospital and IRIS IVF centre in Mumbai, we understand the dreams of aspiring parents when they place their faith in us. For us, each case is personal as we put our 100 percent behind each and every one of our cases which makes us one of the best Infertility & IVF Hospital in Mumbai. For us, there is no option of leaving anything to chance as Dr. Mohit Saraogi and Dr. Roopa Prasad personally look into every bitty detail of your fertility solution right from the periodical sonographies to the stimulation and injection administration.

The thrill of a positive pregnancy test at the end of an IVF cycle is as priceless to us as it is to you. We understand the plethora of feelings associated with IVF treatment and try to simplify the therapy as far as possible for you. The journey to becoming parents can often be a roller coaster ride – but you can rest assured with IRIS Infertility & IVF Hospital in Mumbai.

Our Commitment

We understand the hope & trust it takes for a couple to reach out to an IVF centre for fulfilling their life’s most precious dream. At IRIS IVF Centre we are committed to ensuring that we live by that trust & hope and consistently enhance that belief by using improved techniques & expertise for increased chances of delivering successful results.

Our Standards

As one of the most renowned Infertility & IVF centre in Mumbai, we always gear up towards maintaining standards that give our customers nothing short of an experience that is exceptional. Our standards reflect in the way we care and offer world-class infrastructure and holistic management of health.

Our Working Model

One of the most significant and primary steps of our working model is customer satisfaction. Being the best Infertility & IVF centre in Mumbai, we understand your dreams and we assure you that you will leave the premises with big smiles which are of utmost importance to us.
Following that we believe in moving ahead with services that are transparent & fair every step of the way, our team of experienced infertility specialists aims at delivering best-in-class medical services to our patients using up-to-date technology and treatments to offer the best-tailor made services to all infertile couples.

Transparent & Standard Pricing

IRIS IVF Centre is known to offer affordable treatment that in any way does not compromise the quality of the treatment. When you choose us as your preferred Infertility & IVF centre in Mumbai, we make sure you are part of each & every process being planned for achieving successful results. Whether it is the expert you are engaging with, the team that is working with you, or the number of tests & medications being prescribed; we tailor the best plan for you in the most cost-effective manner.

Best Support in Your Infertility Journey

As an Infertility & IVF hospital in Mumbai, we believe that fertility treatment is not a one or two day treatment but a journey. It is a journey that requires both your physical, mental & emotional conditions in perfect health. At IRIS IVF Centre, our team is well-trained to support you in all aspects, we are always willing to proceed with the treatment that fits you best in all ways. We ensure the journey is satisfying, comforting & prevents you from any unfavorable situation for a stress-free experience

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    General Patient Queries Related to IVF

    Which is the best IVF hospital in Mumbai?

    IRIS IVF center is a veteran of delivering best in class IVF treatment in Mumbai backed by 38+ years of experience and a certified team of specialists & doctors. We’ve been awarded as the Best fertility clinic in Mumbai and our doctors as the Best IVF doctor in Mumbai time and again from renowned platforms worldwide.

    What is the average cost of the 1st cycle of IVF?

    The average cost of an IVF cycle can be anywhere between Rs 2.5 lakhs and Rs 4 lakhs.

    Is having a baby through IVF risky?

    According to some studies and research there’s a slightly higher incidence of birth risk in babies conceived through IVF.
    The rate of defects in the general births are about 3% to 4% whereas in the case of IVF it is about 4% to 5%. Reasons for this increase is generally in cases when children are born after IUI and in cases of naturally-conceived siblings of IVF children.

    Is a successful IVF therapy possible in the first attempt?

    About 30%-50% is the possibility worldwide, which means around 30-50 cases per 100 get successful pregnancy in the very first go.

    How many times can one try IVF?

    In most cases IVF can be attempted up to 3-4 times. Factors like age of the female, earlier response to IVF & medical reports decide the number of IVF cycles that one can try.

    Are IVF babies as normal as the naturally conceived ones?

    As per researchers and studies IVF babies seem to be just as healthy as naturally conceived babies.

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