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What causes infertility in female or male ?

When we talk about conception; let us tell you that fact that is complicated process. Generally the results are positive if there is health sperm produced by the man and woman healthy eggs; in order to reach to the egg there should be unblocked fallopian tube of women. Even the sperm should have the ability to fertilize the egg when the sperm meets. This impeccable ability creates an embryo (fertilized egg) which further gets implanted in the uterus of female. The woman hormonal insight should be adequate to carry pregnancy to full term. If any of these requirements are not met; then this could be alarming signal of Infertility.

What are practical factors that affect male fertility ?

Male Infertility is relatable with problems such as Oligospermia (low sperm count), Teratospermia (abnormal sphere shape) or AsthenozooSpermia (poor sperm motility). The problems differs depending on the habits or the medical history of the patient

Generally the sperms are produced in the testicles then through the tubes known as epididymis and vas deferns they are being carried to the penis. In various circumstances if this process doesn’t happen; then this too could be one of the alarming reasons of infertility.

How do best infertility doctors will diagnose and help you to solve these problems ?

We have expanded and come up with multiple solutions for Male Infertility treatment.

  • We offer advanced techniques and solutions comprising of medication and hormones treatments.

  • Specialized attention and focus is given to solving the problems of infection on the reproductive tract.

  • We have best male infertility specialist for Assisted Reproductive technology which includes Introcytoplasmic sperm injection, surgical extraction of sperm and using different techniques for retrieval of sperm.

  • We provide effective consultations on enhancing fertility by using advanced screening procedures like scrotal ultrasound, hormone testing, testicular biopsy, and specialized sperm function tests.

At IRIS IVF Centre we have team of specialists, embryologists and counselors that provide effectual results even in female infertility treatment. Every step in the process is systematic and comfort of intending couple is seen first. Each of the steps is explained and conduct of the treatment is seamless. Even the packages and plans are discussed when you approach us. Our hands on experience and successive stories of years are the result of firm belief that we will do best for you. Book appointments today !

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