6 Side Effects of Excessive Masturbation for Women


Masturbation is the act of sexually stimulating one’s own genitals for pleasure or arousal. It is a common practice enjoyed by individuals worldwide, regardless of their gender, background, or race. When done in moderation, masturbation can have several benefits for females as well as males including stress relief, self-exploration and more. There is no exact data on how much is “too much”, however, when it starts disrupting a person’s relationships and daily life that’s when it is considered excessive masturbation which can lead to some negative consequences. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the potential side effects or disadvantages of engaging in excessive masturbation. If you are experiencing any discomfort or concerns related to excessive masturbation, it is crucial to consult with a gynecologist like Dr. Mohit, who specializes in addressing such health issues by providing guidance, support, and personalized advice.

6 Side Effects of Excessive Masturbation for Women
6 Side Effects of Excessive Masturbation for Women

6 Side Effects of Excessive Masturbation for Women

Excessive masturbation in females can have various side effects that can affect their physical, emotional, and sexual well-being. While masturbation is a normal and healthy sexual activity, engaging in it excessively can lead to certain negative consequences for males and females. Here are the 6 common side effects associated with excessive masturbation in females:

  1. Decreased sexual sensitivity
  2. Guilt
  3. Lack of Focus
  4. Lower Back pain
  5. Lowering Libido level
  6. Harmful during pregnancy

1. Decreased sexual sensitivity:

Excessive masturbation can lead to desensitization of the genital area, causing a decrease in sexual sensitivity. This means that over time, women may require more stimulation to experience the same level of pleasure or arousal, which can affect sexual satisfaction over time.

2. Guilt:

Some women may experience feelings of guilt or shame associated with excessive masturbation. Societal or cultural norms, personal beliefs, or upbringing can contribute to these feelings. This will lead to emotional distress and a negative self-perception of one’s sexual behavior.

3. Lack of Focus:

Excessive masturbation may result in addiction which leads to interference with daily life activities, such as work, socializing, or relationships, It can serve as a means to avoid dealing with problems in a relationship or act as a replacement for genuine real-life experiences. This can lead to difficulties in maintaining a balanced lifestyle and fulfilling responsibilities.

4. Lower Back Pain:

Engaging in excessive masturbation may involve repetitive movements or sustained positions that can strain the muscles in the pelvic region and lower back. Over time, this can contribute to muscular discomfort, including back pain.

5. Lowering Libido level:

Libido is a term that is commonly used to describe a person’s overall sexual drive or desire. Frequent and intense masturbation can sometimes lead to a decrease in libido or sexual desire. The constant self-stimulation may disrupt the natural sexual response cycle, resulting in reduced interest in sexual activities with a partner.

6. Harmful during pregnancy:

During pregnancy, excessive masturbation can potentially pose risks. Intense or rough stimulation of the cervix or uterus can lead to contractions, which may increase the risk of premature labor. It is generally advised to avoid vigorous sexual activities, including masturbation, during pregnancy, especially if there are any complications or concerns.


It’s important to note that the impact of excessive masturbation can vary from person to person. Not all individuals will experience these side effects, and some may be more prone to them due to personal factors, underlying health conditions, or psychological factors. If you have concerns about your masturbation habits or experience any negative effects, it is advisable to consult a healthcare professional or a therapist who specializes in sexual health to address any issues and find appropriate support.

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