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Male Infertility Treatment

Nearly more than 20% of couples are affected with the problems of infertility and face difficulty in conceiving caused due to male partner’s reproductive system.

The issues of male partner’s reproductive system could relate to things like:-

Oligospermia(low sperm count)

Teratospermia(abnormal sperm shape)

Asthenozoospermia (poor sperm motility)

What is sperm motility?

This condition is when the sperm are not able to move or swim properly in the reproductive system of female partner.

How we could help?

  1. When you sign up for male infertility treatment a right guidance is given and you may be advised for IUI treatment wherein the good sperms are collected and an attempt of successful conceiving method could be done through help of equipments.
  2. Our IVF processes are simpler in which we advise certain medications to women that results in encouraging in production of eggs. These eggs are then removed from the ovaries and then our lab experts do fertilize them by using male sperm. If the embryo is successfully done it is then transformed in uterus for the stage of implementation and development.
  3. In order to increase sperm motility our doctors suggest you right food intake and stay away from any addictive drugs.
  4. If the pregnancy can’t be attained with these normal steps then with the help of sperm donation and IVF processes there are higher chances of conversions.

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